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    How can I get static-content in epub headers and footers using xsl-fo?


      The best practices guide for ADE epub creation recommends using the page template to create header and footer regions:  "Page Masters - specify XSL:FO page masters to add headers, footers and sidebars as well as multi column layout."


      Unfortunately, the sample code in the guide only shows how to assign elements to these regions; when I do this, the headers (and footers) are not repeated from one page to the next.  In full-blown XSL-FO web authoring, there is an fo:static-content element that can be used to specify that the content is repeated (possibly with modification through other elements that can change from page to page, such as page number, or textually-defined and redefined markers.  Every variant I've tried to add the static-content element to the template file (including its parent fo:page-sequence element) fails to put any text into the regions, so I suspect that the template file parser only implements the fo elements described in the best practices document.


      Is there an alternate way to do what I'm trying to do?  If so, could you share a code fragment sample?