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    Setting & Codecs? What do I need?


      Dear Premiere Users,


           I just recieved my version of ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CS4! I am stoked.


      I have a JVC GZ-HD300 camcorder that records its contents on the cameras hard drive and when I connect the camera to pc, the files are MTS files which are I am almost certain AVCHD files. Am I correct?


      Now my problem is when I start a new project the capture mode has only DV mode and HDV mode.


      Now when I import the MTS file, the sound plays but the preview sits still... which seemed like a codec problem to me. but I am not sure.


      I would love some help, if anyone knows I will be happy to answer any more questions about my problem if you reply back in this forum.


      I will check often and hopefully you will to.