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    PDF form sending data back as FDF


      Hi there,

      I created a pdf from a Indesign doc and opened it in acrobat 9 to use form wizard, I successfully managed to save and send the pdf from my mac to my partners pc. He was able to fill in the form but when clicking the submit by email button it was only sending me back the FDF file. I checked my settings on the submit button but had checked the box for 'PDF the whole document'. I had notes from an earlier version of acrobat and it stated that after I have created the form and saved the mailto button etc, under 'advanced' I should click on 'Enable usage rights in Adobe Reader'. Yet I could not find this so I tried 'Extend features in Adobe Reader' but this stills sends me back the FDF file which I cannot access the data from.

      Ideally I would like the pdf to come back rather than the FDF is there any way this can happen?