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    mx.binding.BindingManager.executeBindings(this, "...", ...);

      Hi all,

      I'm currently having an issue with an areaSeries I've created on a chart where if it's created in MXML it changes as a slider is moved but the equivalent areaSeries created in actionscript doesn't update?

      They both have identical attributes and the update works by the dataprovider is sliced as the slider is moved so as the dataprovider changes the areaSeries should change as well!

      I compiled the mxml version of the areaSeries using the -keep extension to see if there was any differences between it and the actionscipt one I'd created. The only differences I could see is that the generated code uses

      mx.binding.BindingManager.executeBindings(this, "largeSeries", largeSeries);

      to set multiple attributes on the AreaSeries including the dataprovider. I've googled this and looked up the adobe documentation but can't find mx.binding.BindingManager.executeBindings does? I reckon this is where my problem is as it seems to be a binding issue! Has anyone come across an issue like this before where something is bound in mxml but not in an equivalent actionscript function?
      Does anyone know where I could get more information on this or have any idea how I could update the attached Actionscript code to bind my dataprovider?

      Any help really would be greatly appreciated,