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    Fast Blur and a Pixel Bender request.


      Hey. I'm developing an awesome pixel bender plugin for after effects. I did everything I needed, but the blurring algorithm I've implemented is not very fast. It's the most simple box blur you could think off. I would really appricieate if someone could post a good implementation of Fast Blur with repeat edge pixels feature.


      Also - since Pixel Bender is an image processing environment it would be really nice to have some basic image processing tools implemented inside the package. Things like blending modes, blurs, find edges, min max, and other basic operations. It would be super sweet if we didn' thave to implement them each time we need to use them. Not to mention that if they were implemented and compiled in the package thay would probably run faster.



      Any chances for the Fast Blur with Repeat Edge Pixels implementation from anyone?

      Any chances for Pixel Bender having those features in the next release?