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    Installation Nightmare


      Hi, first off, I think this might be the wrong place to put this question, but I couldn't find anything about installation, I apologize profusely and if anyone knows where I should really post it, I will happily go there.


      My problem is that I had CS3 design suite and bought the new cs4 design suite instead of the upgrade.  I installed CS4 over CS3 and now Cs4 won't work.  The bridge says it can't ascertain its activation status.  Photoshop says there are missing components and I need to reinstall.  I can go into Illustrater and I was able to activate it.


      I figured my best bet was to uninstall all of CS3, so I did that but the same problems persist.  Even worse, CS4 programs don't show up at all in my Control Panel/Programs, so I have no way to do a correct uninstall.  The cd I installed it from says nothing is available to install becuase it thinks everything is on my computer and working.  Thus I have no way to reinstall.


      I have a Lenovo laptop with 4 gigs memory and Windows Vista Business 64 bit (my understanding was that CS4 could run under 64bit, but just wouldn't support it).


      Does anybody have any idea what I should do?  Thanks so much!!!!!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          do you have a system restore point set prior to your cs4 install attempt?  if so, restore your system files.  then either uninstalll cs3 and install cs4 or, even better, install cs4, in addition to, not over cs3.