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    Slideshow & Ad Banner display


      There are a ton of free resources available all over the web for Flash, but I could not find what I was looking for, so this is my contribution to those looking for Slideshow or Ad Banner display with the ability to manually scroll back and forth between images as well as let them auto-scroll.


      Some features:

      -Displays jpeg, gif and png.

      -You can add and remove images simply by modifying an XML file (Flash Pro is not required).

      -Has small Next and Previous buttons in the bottom right corner.

      -Displays "image_number of total_images" in bottom right corner.

      -Auto advances to next image after 3 seconds.

      -You can specify a unique URL for each image in the XML file. Clicking on the image will open new browser window for that URL.

      -Has a nice fading transition going from one image to the next.


      I have included the .fla, the .swf and a sample .xml file in the attached file (slideshow.zip)


      Hope this is helpful to somebody.