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    Before you post...

    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Help us to help you!

      You are most likely here with a problem that needs solving. Of course you can just post your issue and wait for someone to come along and supply an answer. But please take a moment and read these "rules of the road". They have been designed to help you get the right answer fast.

      Please observe these simple suggestions before you post:


      Search before you post

      The time of those who voluntarily support the forums is limited. Help them by seeing if the question has been asked and answered before.


      It also means you get a quicker answer.




      Choose ONE category, post a SINGLE time and be patient!

      Please ask your question once and in only one forum category.


      We realize that you are anxious and are hoping for a fast answer. But if you post the same question in more than one category,  one person may respond to one post while someone else responds to the other, both giving different (and sometimes conflicting) answers. The whole thing gets messy and you are no nearer to getting a good answer. It wastes everyone's time and doesn't help you.

      Also the next person along with the same problem finds a solution that may not be the best one for their situation. They will not search further and will go away disappointed. That person could be you the next trip around!

      Don’t sweat whether you have posted in the correct category for your question. Do the best you can. If the question is in the wrong category, the forum moderators can move the post to the appropriate forum if it fits better there. Just ask and it will be moved.

      If you don't get a reply within a reasonable time, it may simply be that nbody has an answer. If you think it is because your post is in the wrong category, add another post to the thread asking the administrators to move it.


      Duplilcate posts asking the same question in multiple forum categories will be deleted without notice.


      Also, please don't post your issue as a reply to an existing thread, then post your question as a thread of its own.



      Include the version and output type.

      RoboDemo 5, Captivate 1, Captivate 3...


      Output type

      Flash SWF/HTM, EXE, AIR Reviewer, Handouts...

      Please tell us up front what you are using as well as what you are creating. Too often the answer is delayed by us having to ask for that information because the solution depends on it.



      Ensure your wording is clear.

      Example of bad wording:

      "Captivate doesn't work"


      This description would cause the following questions:


      • Are you referring to using Captivate or viewing its output?
      • Do you see any error messages?
      • Are you having issues with just one project or is it any project?



      Include screenshots using the camera icon.

      For example:


      If you include an image using the camera icon, it appears in your forum thread immediately.


      If you use the Attach Files link below the editing area, the attachments are queued and are not viewable by forum visitors until they have been approved by a forum administrator.

      Guess which way gets you a quicker answer.



      Don’t insert your E-Mail address.

      Remember that the information contained inside the forums may be discovered by those using Google.


      This means you open yourself up for spammers to harvest your address.


      You really don’t need more unwanted E-Mail messages from the dying millionaire in the Nigerian hospital do you?



      It is our sincere hope that these tips will help you get the most out of your forum experience!