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    [JS][CS3] Database Syncronisation

    Roy Marshall Level 1



      I dont know if this is posible, but thought I'd ask anyway, and will take if further if possible.


      I have a page in InDesign that has been built with an Applescript, from my companies database (ODBC) containing images and data. This is for a mailer that is being created.  I then have written a JS to manipulate the text, and images as required. I am using Script Labels that the AS has put in place to link the images and text together.  This is all good and a complete page can be created nearly to completion using this method.


      To go one stage further, I need to be able to automatically update the data on the InDesign page with any changed data from the database. So, somehow I need to be able to tag parts of the text with handles, that are maintained after all my formatting, to be able to compare with the original database.


      There is a plugin called EasyCatalog made by 65Bit that goes some way to this, but is expensive over many workstations, so my client wants a way to achieve this via scripting.


      I accept this may be way out of my ability, if indeed possible at all, but I like a challenge, and would like to know if this is indeed a possibility.


      Thanks in advance,