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    Middle Mouse Hand Tool


      It'd be really awesome if you guys could make it optional to set the hand tool to be used by holding down the middle mouse button and ONLY the middle mouse button. I reckon it would be a lot more comfortable to have that functionality as a one-hand job rather than a two-hand job.

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          AlexMxi Level 1

          I agree. Wondered myself why the middle button is unused.

          And zoom in/out with the mouse wheel or chane the brush size with it. Current scrolling with it doesn't make sense anyway.

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            John Joslin Level 6

            AlexMxi wrote:


            zoom in/out with the mouse wheel

            Already available in preferences.

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              andi_gapp Level 1

              generally it's a usability sin not to use the MMB click at all.


              But i would really prefer other things than the hand tool ... the current navigation with the space bar would be very consitent if  SPACE + LMB / RMB would zoom in an out, and maybe a simple SPACE hit zooms to 100 % ... as i wrote in an other thread already.


              MMB should be used for example for custom tools menu, a popup for the last used functions, or - and this is what i would prefer - go into transform mode.