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    high CPU load with Flash on Mac Leopard

    Ilja Panzer

      Dear Adobe,

      I am always running the latest version of the Flash plugin on my Macbook. Ever since even with the simplest Flash movies running in a browser (no matter whether Safari, Firefox, Camino, Opera, ...) the CPU load jumps oh so high the fans will spin at full speed and the CPU starts to create subtropic temperatures. Years ago I was running a Windows PC where the CPU load wasn't even close to such high CPU loads. Oh so many Apple users would very very much appreciate Flash Player being at least close to as efficient as the Windows version.


      Thanks in advance for making Flash movies more enjoyable on the Mac platform

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          Do not blame apple if they do not want flash on iphone if mac version is a cpu hog, the battery would not stand for more than a minute.

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            graloumf - really, you're 100% positive that the poor performance isn't due to a problem in MacOS or Safari?

            Funny how Flash on other platforms isn't a CPU hog, isn't it?


            But I'm not assigning blame - there is a performance problem in Flash Player on Macintosh, and the Flash Player team is looking into it.  We won't know the actual cause until they dig into the code a bit more.

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              Would just like to comment that this issue is most certainly not a bug with Safari, as it appears in Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and various other open-source browsers that use the Flash plugin.  It is not likely to be an issue solely with Mac OS X, as it had persisted in all recent versions of Flash, despite many architecture overhalls within the Mac OS, and also taking into consideration the wide implementation of open source code used in the OS, and the problems on both x86 processors as well as PowerPC and apparently even the iPhone processor (as indicated by Apple developers).  Nothing else acts this way in OS X, not even graphically intense games or memory intensive applications.


              In fact, running Firefox inside a Windows XP virtual machine (via Parallels) often results in better Flash performance than running natively.  That is crazy.  Nothing should perform better virtually than it does natively.  Something is seriously wrong here.


              This is a very widespread issue with Adobe Flash on the Macintosh platform, seemingly no matter what the hardware capabilities of the machine.  Whether it turns out to be an issue in Mac OS X or the Adobe Flash code is a null issue.  It needs to be resolved, through cooperation of both companies if need be.

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                I can't offer any formal statistics that differentiate between OS X 10.5 and 10.6 (Snow Leopard) but it seems to me that this problem is much worse on 10.6 than it was on 10.5 (and it was quite bad then).


                Also, just a few minutes ago, the Flash Player plugin for Safari crashed. I've sent the report to Apple but I've little doubt that they are inundated at the moment

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                  Yeah,  with Snow Leopard watching Flash videos causes way more CPU load than a windows machine.  Same with above poster that it "seems" worse than in Leopard.


                  On Apple forums you hear the same thing but the general consensus over there is "thats old news"

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                    There's no F'ing half @ss answer in this thread... 


                    Adobe, you really f'cked up with the Flash Player on MAC.  There's no way your stupid app needs 100%+ of the CPU to run and run my CPU temps up into the 90C range...  simply RIDICULOUS!!!


                    Fix your crappy plug-in software already!!! 

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                      Madhatter_ Level 1

                      Here is a getto solution:


                      Install ClicktoFlash




                      With this Safari plugin you can set YouTube videos to play in h264.  My CPU usage drops dramatically from like 90% to 8% on same video, its crazy.


                      Added benefit is my battery life actually went way up without those pesky flash ads.

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                        booyah2001 Level 1

                        Thanks.  Yeah I agree with you that it's kinda a ghetto solution, but Adobe's just gone ridiculous with the Flash...  I'm so glad that the web has not adopted Flash all together for content.  I'm going to download it and see how it is.

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                          yeah, apple support posters seem to have missed the last version or two.  Under OS X 10.5, it was still a cpu hog, but it was getting good performance,  Clear videos, good fps on www.craftymind.com/guimark (about 29 fps on a 2.4 ghz macbook (intel gmax3100)). 


                          Under snow leopard, it still is a cpu hog, but performance has regressed, maybe back to flash 9 levels.  It doesn't appear to be Safari's 64-bit wrapper process, as the performance is degraded regardless of browser.  I get about 12 fps on the guimark site now.


                          I don't mind the high load, but the lack of clear video combined with that has gotten me to disable flash altogether.  I'm checking around the adobe labs area from time to time hoping for a beta.  I don't know where the fault lies, but I hope apple and adobe can get together and resolve this.

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                            Adobe need to realize that once their great product with a lot of penetration into the web ad + ria market is starting loose its ground as they simply can't address ongoing issue on their poor flash plug-in performance other than on windows platform. There are a lot of flash enthusiast out there but this poor support from the Adobe doesn't help this much further. One of the reasons why other software vendors pushing for more open standard RIA platforms other than Flash based...


                            Only suggestion that I have with Adobe is that if you can not get it right then, it may help to open up flash player source to the community. I am pretty sure that there are a lot of developers out there who can help out to drive better code base for the player and in turn make flash more adopted by non non ms windows user base. At the moment, I have installed "Click2Flash" and "FlashBlock" to save majority of CPU cycle on my MacBook Pro. Imagine the impact on this for future Adobe product. All online ad will slowly move away from flash based and in turn loosing entire market share it has successfully built over the years... Well must note that MS isn't much better either... MS RDP client is permanently turned off from my system, now I'm using CoRD instead..


                            I sincerely hope to see some major performance improvements in near future.

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                              BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

                              As I've written on several other forums, we have two public Flash Player jira bugs for tracking this issue.  We would appreciate it if useful technical input was sent to those bugs, which engineering is checking out.