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    AS3 and AS2


      I've been using Flash 8 Pro and recently upgraded to CS4.  After much heartache (I'm not a programmer), I was getting to grips with AS2 - not fluent, but able to do the things I wanted.


      Now I find AS3 to be a quantum leap.  My problem is the (pretty basic) GetURL function.  I know I'm not alone as there are plenty of threads (but no definitive answer) to this out there.  So here's my scenario:


      I have text that appears into a box, stays for a few seconds and then departs the stage.  I've saved this text as both a movie clip and a button with no success.  The idea is that, as the text pauses, clicking on it sends the viewer to an external URL.


      Simply can't get it to work.  Any clues out there?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Details help... If you show the code you are using, there will be less clueless things at work here.  If you are getting error messages, including them will help.


          If you are using AS3 and are trying to use getURL, then that won't play because getURL is not part of AS3.  It is replaced with navigateToURL.  What code are you trying to use for the button interaction?