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    Flash as Webcam Community?


      Since I can't seem to find the answer anywhere (or maybe I'm asking it incorrectly?) I'll try it here, and thanks in advance for your input. =)


      I run a small webcam community, in which people download my proprietary software (WebcamX or SpyCast Webcam Studio) to create their own webcam site on my server. The software sends still images to the server in xx second intervals. Anyway, both programs, written in Visual Basic, are sluggish and buggish, despite my best efforts. Since I discovered Flash can be used to capture video straight from the browser and send it to (any?) server, I started wondering if I could use that to send stills to the website, instead of downloaded/installed software.


      Does this sound possible? To make Flash take a snapshot every x seconds and send it to the server, by using the http post method (my current method) or perhaps install something server-side, to accept the image? It sounds like a longshot, and it's likely to be complicated, but if it is, all I'm out is 5 minutes of my time typing this post. =)


      ~ Tim, WebKlyx.com