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    Could someone find what went wrong?

    Luka Gabriel

      Hello all, it's my first post here.

      I recently started with flash, so my problem might be really silly, and easy to solve.


      So the problem is:


      On my layer 2 (1 is only background) my script works fine. The movie clip is stopped on the first frame, and when I click on a button with "on(release){ play(); }" it starts to play.

      On my other layers I have done exactly the same thing! Just.. it doesn't work. When I click on the button with "on(release){ play(); }" it just doesn't play.


      I'm attaching a link to my source and kindly asking if someone could go through it, and find a solution to my problem.


      My source code: http://atheros.110mb.com/trainers/TrainerBS.zip


      Thank you very much in advance.


      Luka Gabriel

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The best I can offer at the moment is that you need to clean up how you have things assembled.  You are mixing buttons into graphics and those into movieclips as well as you have some invalid tweens at play.  I'm wondering how the first one works more than why the other two don't.


          If you want to tween a group of buttons, create a movieclip symbol that has those buttons in it and tween that movieclip.  Place the same movieclip in the three keyframes of the tweening.  At that point, you would probably need to target the_parent movieclip to play.


          Anytime you see Tween# symbols in the library it's an indication that you have created an errant tween... that's Flash way of trying to fill in a missing link.  A valid tween has the same library object at both ends of the tween... as far as I can tell the only library objects you have for those tweens are the ones Flash created, as if you Group-ed them and then tweened the Group.

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            Luka Gabriel Level 1

            Do you think it might help if I put all the items on the stage, and then start tweening, adding code?

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              Luka Gabriel Level 1

              With your help, I made it work.