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    Akamai Download, a punishing experience


      Just came out of a virtual nightmare of trying to download Illustrator CS4 through Adobe's adopted Akamai downloader -- a punishment I must share with others, so that they can avoid it.


      People behind the Akamai must be deaf, dumb and mute, because running a download simply opens a pop up window that says 'your download is starting', and there's indeed quite a bit of activity in the bottom browser bar of a pop up (contacting Adobe, reading, done; contacting, reading, done, etc)..... but that's about it, and it can go on literally forever. The problem is that no one asks you where do you want to install these downloads, nor whether you'd like to open or save the files, and no one tells you where you're at at which point of this deaf-dumb-mute ordeal. So I stopped it after half an hour. Then went to read a manual on Akamai downloads -- apparently, with these guys, you need to read several books before you can successfully download a product through them, and since I couldn't find anything that would prevent my computer or its settings from downloading Adobe through Akamai, thought perhaps I'm the dumb one here, perhaps the mute thingy was downloading the program anyway, went back and started the same download again.


      This time I left it on for 24 hours. After the entire 24 hours of NOTHING (except for, once again, the apparent frantic activity in the lower bar of the pop up), I allowed myself an inpatient tantrum and turned the thing off once again. Went back to the "download support" manual again, went through every point noted there, established once again I have (more than) enough space, I do indeed have a high speed Internet connection, my temporary files folder is clean and generously accommodating, yes! I run on Windows Vista, and on and on. One thing I noticed is that the Akamai people are rather picky over the internet browsers, but do allow me to run the $hit through Mozilla Firefox, except if I'm on a 3.01 Beta version. The truth is - I didn't know which bloody version of Mozilla Firefox I'm running, so I simply went to the appalling IE and tried to download my Illustrator CS4 through them.


      And what do you know! Akamai people are the IE people. Immediately I was asked whether I want to install the Akamai download manager (YES!), where to, and the download of the Illustrator started at once. Less than an hour later (before I started writing this) both of the Illustrator files have been fully downloaded.


      All the frustration and the humiliating exercises could have been avoided if the initial pop up would notify the user the download cannot start -- and without even revealing the highly secretive reason which, in my case, is the "wrong" version of Firefox, but do TELL PEOPLE nothing is going on nor will go on this way, to go try something else.


      Otherwise and with this mute $hit you are actually sending people straight to the software underground, where no one cares which internet browser one is running.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Sorry, friend, but this rant is utterly unwarranted. While you may have been extremely unlucky in using it, the downloader normally does everything you ask - including providing status info, asking you where to download and whatnot. So by all means, you cannot exactly blame anyone for having problems with your local Java install (or lack thereof?), security settings in your browser or local permission issues. I suggest you try to take a more constructive approach and ask first in the future before making a stink. I'm sure, all of your problems could have easily been solved without you going off like a nuke.



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            AlanFrom Level 1

            Well, "friend", it's just too bad you've found yourself personally insulted over my complaint. Let me be clear: I really never meant to hurt your feelings.


            But however unjustly wronged you may feel by my message, trying to confuse the issues here won't help you one bit. As I already explained, the problem had nothing to do with my "local Java install" nor with "lack thereof", it had no connection to my browser's security settings, nor with my (of course, again) local "permission issues".


            This problem is not local -- i.e. mine alone, it's global. Let me spell it out for you again: Akamai download manager 'does not support' -- e.g. will not work -- on Mozilla Firefox 3.01 Beta version. Which, unless you didn't get by now, is not owned by me and is certainly not installed only on my own computer, i.e. locally.


            Instead of acting like a bruised lover, you should consider it for what it is: a message to people trying to download their Illustrator on Mozilla 3.01 -- it can't be done. Period.

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              JayJhabrix Level 3

              Mylenium wrote:


              Sorry, friend, but this rant is utterly unwarranted.

              Sorry Mylenium...


              But it is entirely justified... i've had major problems with the Akshit downloader and only figured it out by a trial and error method...


              PS: Don't let that ACE label wear you down too much

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                JayJhabrix Level 3

                AlanFrom wrote:

                Instead of acting like a bruised lover, you should consider it for what it is: a message to people trying to download their Illustrator on Mozilla 3.01 -- it can't be done. Period.

                Well said!

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  Neither of you has said anything that would help the matter - honestly. And I would like to remind you, that when you use Beta software (of a development branch, that has been killed in favor of another, no less), you are always on your own. Still, I strongly believe that all your issues could have been solved regardless of that, so like it or not, I still consider the OP nothing but an unproductive rant. Anyway, that matter is apparently closed now with FF 3.5.1 just moments away. So see you around next time.



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                    Justin.Buser Level 1

                    The Akamai Download manager popup endlessly redirects on a fresh clean install of XP with Firefox 3.5.5. I performed the following steps: Installed XP, Installed Drivers, Installed Firefox, went to: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?product=flash&loc=en tried to download Flash. No prompt to install anything, just a page that says your download is starting that constantly reloads itself with links to messed up help pages that themselves have a bunch of links that do nothing. I'm a huge fan of all things Adobe, but this is abomination is just plain embarrasing.


                    It simply doesn't work, and I've had the exact same problem from the very beginning with this piece of crap on various platforms.  Adobe is really shooting themselves in the foot with this, someone should really lose their job. There's no reason to add so much additional complexity as well as requiring people to install an obscure piece of software from a relatively  unknown vendor just so they can then install software from a more well known and trusted vendor like Adobe. It just doesn't make sense, why was it implemented, what possible benefits are there?


                    Even something as simple as redirecting people to direct download links (which are plainly available in the url of this popup from hell) after a certain number of redirects would hugely mitigate the problem. In theory a solution like this could be quickly implemented site wide in less than an hour, I almost feel like Adobe has lost respect for the end user, what the hell is going on?

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                      Or you know, maybe a simple "not compatible with said versions of firefox" in one of the help pages would suffice.


                      Thanks for figuring it out guys, or I'd still be sitting here staring at this silly little pop-up wondering what the heck is going on.

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                        I must thank you for this rant as I felt very much the same way, though didn't quite share your experience. I think I downloaded and installed Chrome in order to stop getting an error that I had the wrong Flash player, even after I had downloaded and installed Flash from the link provided. Then back I was lead again to the Flash error page. Chrome bypassed this nonsense then Akamai buried the download somewhere on my computer. Thanks to help from a stranger on these forums, I eventually tracked it down earlier today and completed the download, ... a week after I started the process. I was/am thoroughly disappointed in Adobe. This process really does stink and needs overhauling. What a mess! If this is how you treat your "friends" (who have paid for your software), how do you treat your enemies? (Well, they use some other method to get their stuff and avoid AKAMAI.