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    Premiere will not export to tape - video freezes

    PAO Hoskins

           I'm sort of revisiting a problem I thought I solved. Initially I had issues with playback in my source and program monitors. I would hit play and it would roll the video for about two seconds then freeze (the audio would continue).

           I found that only when I had my DV device (sony PD-170 or Sony DSR-11) hooked up to the computer, it would do this. But when I pulled the firewire from my device it would no longer freeze and I could go on with my editing.

           I thought, okay, I'll just capture the footage then pull the device. That's worked up until I realized that it does the same thing if I want to export to tape. It will not play the video in the program monitor so my recording device records nothing at all.

           Any ideas on why this happens only when my DV device is hooked up to the computer?