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    adding title


      Hi,,, I have just finished my movie and want to add a title. I would like to have the opening photo still as my TITLE and add animated

      "transparent" text to it. (meaning,,,the text will be translucent as you look at the still image opening my movie)

      What is the EASIEST way to accomplish this?

      thanks HOWARD

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          OK, to make sure that I understand what you want, let me restate what I think you want, and you correct me, if I am wrong.


          You want to do a Title "sequence" at the beginning of your movie. This Title sequence will be a still image (photograph), and the text will animage over it. The image will only be seen through the text, as it animates. If this is so, the easiest way will be to place the image on Video Track 1 (VT 1), and then create a traditional Title, and place it on VT 2. Note: use a heavy font, like Arial Black Bold. Keep the text limited. You want big, simple and bold.


          Use Keyframes Motion>Position to animate the Title on VT2.


          Add Track Matte Keying to the still Clip in VT 1, and link that to the Title in VT 2. Key to the Alpha of the Title on VT 2.


          That will allow the Title to "key" out everything, except where the text is.


          If I missed what you want, please correct me.


          Thank you and good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            You could also use one of the Text Animations in the Titles workspace to animate your title.


            Otherwise, Hunt's advice to use two video tracks (in Timeline mode) is exactly what I would have recommended!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Good tip. You can see that I think of life from a PrPro standpoint, and there are no Title Animations, other than straight Roll, or Crawl. I always think first of all animations being done with Keyframes.





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                howardmil18 Level 1

                I think you got it, but I will wait to finish after I add a little more info. Then you can

                advise as to the previous detailed answer.

                The "Still Photo"  (from your excellent advise) beautifully opens up the film on VIDEO TRACK 2 as it fades into the movie

                in the first 4 seconds. THIS photo,,,I want to put some words on for my title as the video begins.

                Yes, the font should be transparent to see the backround of the Arizona sky.

                So, the picture is INDEED, on VIDEO track 2 .

                Now,,,,,,,,,lets put some TEXT on this opening STILL photo Sequence!

                Thanks, Howard

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Take another look at our instructions, Howard.


                  The photo (background) goes on Video 1.


                  The TITLE goes on Video 2, above it on the timeline. (It's like layers, see?)

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Steve is correct about the placement of the Title. I should be on a Video Track (VT) above the image. I used the example of the still being on VT1, and the Title being on VT2, as this would be the most common for an opening segment. If you want the text in the Title to be animated, say slide across the still image, that could be done with the animation Presets, or Keyframed. Keyframing, while requireing more work, also offeres much more control, and other Effects, added to the Title, can be Keyframed, as well.


                    If you do not want animation, you can place a Cross-Dissolve, or similar, onto the Head (and also Tail, if you want it) of the Title, to dissolve it in, and all of the background image out, with the exception of that area behind the text.


                    By default, the Black of the text in the Title will be transparent, to allow viewing of what is on the lower VT.


                    Here's a look at the Timeline:




                    Hope that this helps,



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                      howardmil18 Level 1


                      I also wonder why the original 720 by 480 which I finished in a 1280 by 720 HD 25 mpeg did not cover more of the picture box

                      what is the best way to finish a video like this for youtube



                      I made the titles as you said but since the OPENING still was immediatley overlapping the beginning sequence,,,I added text

                      to the picture still and just kept it ON VIDEO 2 for a split second effect as you can see on the above youtube address.


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                        howardmil18 Level 1

                        Sorry that the address is not correct. Lets try this again,,,,nope it doesnt seem to be taking

                        the LINK as I copy and paste it.

                        See what I did on youtube.  Look for: Gary Puckett and the Union Gap: By the Time I Get to Phoenix

                        so you can add to my previous questions


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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          Can you post a screen-cap of your Timeline, showing the arrangement of the Clips?


                          Good luck,