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    Email from Acrobat.com - Is this a SCAM?

    Is this a scam?

      This morning at 6:14am I received 2 emails in my Yahoo email account from account-noreply@acrobat.com:


      1) asking me to verify my email address with acrobat.com; and

      2) welcoming me to acrobat.com.


      I never registered for this AND was sound asleep at 6:14am.  Unless my beagle is up to something while I'm sleeping, I can't figure out why I got these emails.


      I went to adobe.com and reset the password in order to poke around the account.  No personal details entered in the contact info.


      Was this email a scam or did I somehow get registered for acrobat.com? How can I cancel this account?






      Thank you for joining Acrobat.com. Your Acrobat.com account login and password will also give you access to Acrobat.com Labs. You may want to keep this email for your records.