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    Adding sountrack help


      Hi all,

      I finished my first video/still image montage and i must say, im pretty impressed with PRE 7.0 abilities. I think its worth the price.


      Heres my question;


      I would like to add my own music, say an MP3 music file other than the SmartSound options.


      I poked, and dug, and read the forums but i cant figure out how to put my own music, (for which i purchased), into my completed video.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      PS; im still new so some "baby steps" would greatly be appreciated.


      Thanks all...great forums btw.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          In the Get Media tab, choose Files and Folders, and navigate to where your MP3 is stored. Import that, and just drag it to the Soundtrack Audio Track (AT). Note: you can use any empty AT, but Soundtrack is a good choice.


          Note also: MP3's can be a problem, some times. If your does not work, use Audacity to convert to PCM/WAV and Import that file.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            There are also lots of tips and tutorials on the Products page at http://Muvipix.com. Most of the basic ones are free. (More advanced tips, tutorials and media require a paid membership to the site.)


            I have also written "The Muvipix.com Guide to Premiere Elements 7" and "The Muvipix.com Guide to Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 7," both of which are available on the Muvipix products page and at Amazon.com. Either would be a great help to getting you up to light speed with this program.

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              JonboiAZ Level 1

              YES!! that worked nicely... i was going the other way by selecting sound thing...oh nvm....but yet...ty very much for the tip...worked great.

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                JonboiAZ Level 1

                I will certainly look into that Steve...ty

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Great and glad that it worked for you.


                  One of the problems is that some MP3's do not Import properly. This seems to be an issue with things like "album art," and similar, that can be embedded in the files. I stay away from MP3's, with the exception of small SFX files, and always convert to PCM/WAV before Import. Still, most work fine, with the exception of the heavy compression used in their creation. Once that is done, no conversion can ever recover that lost data - it is gone forever. So long as yours work fine, no conversion will be necessary. Just keep that in the back of your mind, in case one/some do not Import properly. That is where the little freeware program, Audacity, can help you out.


                  Good luck,



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I very strongly second the tip on Muvipix and Steve's articles plus his book.


                    When you stop by Muvipix, take a long look at all of the various Assets available there. As Steve points out, there are a couple of "levels" of these Assets/tutorials/articles. It did not take me too long to "do the math," and decide that a full subscription would be paid for, with just one afternoon of downloading!


                    Good luck,




                    PS there is also a very active forum, "Community," and a lot of great and knowledgable people there.