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    project help


      hello ... i have decided to use AIR+FLEX as for final year project (computer engg)..i will be developing a ERP module in flex for a company's one department and will be used by company in its intranet...

      i want to ask can i make the whole project in just one SWF file.....or should i make one SWF for each task and combine them.....or any other advice...

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          ShardulSingh Level 3



          Normally one swf is generated for an application.You should try to breakup up application in

          diffrenet modules if it is possible,then for each module a separate swf will be generated,

          which will be reduce the load of you application.Then according to your requirement you

          will load of unload a module means swf.But the main swf will always remain there.

          It is only related to the performance optimization otherwise you can use simply one

          swf as normally generated by a flex application.

          If you have any further querry pls feel free to ask.



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          Shardul Singh Bartwal