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    HELP!!! Cant make buttons/links work.

    SERocks Level 1


      I have a flash that I am trying to make the buttons/links towork on and no matter what I do they just do not work. I have many hours into it so far and just had no success weather using my CS3 how to book of the forums information.

      I not sure what I am missing. Never had this much trouble before. the first one I tried is HOME, have not gone farther since I can make the 1st one work.

      Here is a link to the files.


      Can some one give me a cule where I messed up and how to fix it.

      Thank you so much.


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You have a few things going on that aren't helping.  When you code buttons the way you have, you have to put the code on the timeline and give the buttons the instance name you use in that code.  You also have to assign the code  to the instance that is going to use it.


          You have one such piece of code on the timeline, which would be correct except I believe the button it belongs to doesn't exist yet (it's somewhere down the timeline), and it needs to be in the presence of that code for that code to do anything.


          The other similar version of that code you do not have on the timeline, but have it attached to the button instead, which will not work.   And again, it is most likely not where it needs to be because that instance is not the instance that exists when the menu is finished setting up... that instance is at the beginning  of a transition to the real instance that the code should be assigned to.


          Try assigning all your buttons instance names, at every keyframe.  Then create an actions layer for your code and use it for the code.  And place all the button code in the last frame of the layer so that the butons have it assigned to them where it counts... when they are present and ready to be used.