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    exporting/nesting parts of a sequence to another sequence or project

    teloscientist Level 1

      Is there a way to nest *part* of a sequence from sequence markers (in/out) into another sequence or project?


      Often, I want to use a few seconds of one particular sequence (involving only parts of multiple clips) in another sequence or project. Currently, I nest the entire sequence1 in another sequence2, then trim sequence2 to the part that I want, which involves figuring out the in/out, wasting my time/energy - then nest sequence2 into sequence 3...


      Or, I replace it with an aftereffects composition, which is fine - but I prefer to keep it all "in house" so to speak.


      It seems like I should be able to make an in sequence marker, out sequence marker, and then DO something with the part of the sequence I have "marked" out.