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    what is the "processor cost" for nesting sequences and/or AE files?

    teloscientist Level 1

      The more I edit, the more I find myself using multiple levels of nesting in my projects. I import projects, sequences, and AE files.


      One issue is the directory tree - making sure I don't move any directories (although PP is good at finding mulitple files after I tell it where one of them has moved to...).


      My questions are:

      - will it 1) eat up *more* of my processing power and RAM and/or 2) will it lengthen my render time -  to nest sequences than to edit the pieces within a single sequence?

      - are there limits to file sizes, where my system won't be able to handle the files?

      - are AE files as easy to process as PP sequences from other projects?


      Basically, are there disadvantages from a processing perspective by using nesting?