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    rectangle mask under all text objects?

    gabbi Level 1

      or rather is there a way to either append a white rectangle or add it to a text style so that wherever there is text there is a no detail below? I remember looking for this in the past and I had foud something but it was for an earlier version of illustrator that had been discontinued. I don't want to go around making these rectangles, ensuring that they are all equally padded and aligned. Has anyone seen anything like this?

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          gabbi Level 1

          here's the link to the version which is outdated... I wonder how hard it would be to make it work for cs3 or cs4?



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            Scott Falkner Level 6

            I don't know what you mean. Can you include a screen grab showing the desired result? Also, ALWAYS tell us what version of Illustrator you are using.


            I'm guessing you want a white (or other colour) rectangle that grows or shrinks as the text is edited or formatted. Start with Point Text and, in the Appearance Panel, select Add New Fill and drag the fill below the Characters line. With that fill line selected, go to Effect > Convert to Shape > Rectangle. Use relative values and adjust as you wish.

            Screen 1.png

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              gabbi Level 1

              magic indeed!


              huge thanks!!!

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                You should mark this answered as it is a often asked question and that way others will know where to look for the answer.

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                  Hello Scott, hopefully you can answer this question.  I am using Illustrator CS4.  I created a poster that includes graphics made with the pen tool, color fills, strokes and some opacity adjustments.  I also included some text with fills and strokes.  I save the files two ways.  Once using file>save as and then I save it again using file>save for web & devices and I save it as a JPEG.  Then, in WordPerfect, I type a letter to a friend.  Then while in WP I go to Insert>Graphics>From File and then I go to the folder that has the AI file and insert it into my WP letter.  Now, my AI file inserts into the letter, but the picture splits in half.  Half of it shows up the way it should with all the colors and text, but the other half is completely blacked out.  Do you know why this is happening to me and can you suggest how I may fix this problem so that the entire image, or picture, or graphic, whatever you would call it, shows up without half of it being blacked out?  Many thanks for your time and consideration on this problem.  I have attached the file that was saved for web&devices, with the hope that t helps you.  I am trying to insert into WP so you can view it and hopefully figure out what I'm doing wrong. Please respond to this email address,

                  myck04145@sbcglobal.net   FYI; the "0" in the email address is a zero, not the letter O.