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    Help re timing of effects in timeline


      Cannot help but think I'm missing the obvious here but spent 6 hours trying to find a solution; I simply want to place an effect (eg CC Pixel Polly) at the end of a normal 25fps/PAL clip. the clip is around 5 seconds and I just want it to play normally and then the last 25 frames or so to animate. When I apply the effect it defaults to the beginning of the clip - as indeed does every other effect of this type that I try. I know how to get, for example, text effects to start whenever wanted with keyframes etc but am now totally brassed off with trying to achieve something that I assumed would be simple.

      I found another post (cannot find it now) where someone asked a similar-ish question with the Shatter effect and the solution there was to change the Force 1 radius value to 0 and keyframe the new values when the effect was wanted. This worked but it does seem clumsy to say the least. However, I could not get this technique to work with CC Pixel Polly no matter which variable I changed.

      Apologies if this question has been asked before but I could not find an answer either here or in umpteen web searches or in the help files. I am reasonably familiar with PPRO and Encore but an After Effects novice - and pretty close to saying it's more trouble than it's worth.

      Hope someone can help (and that I'm not being too dumb). Almost forgot - it's AE 7.0 Professional



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Two solutions:

          First Solution:

          Aanimate values.


          1. Zero Force, Gravity, Spinning and set a keyframe where you want the effect to start. Spinning is set to 1 rotation by default so it's easy to miss zeroing this value.
          2. Move down the timeline a few frames and set the Force, Gravity and Spinning to values that give you what you want. The space between the first and second keyframes control how fast the effect starts. The Force, Gravity and Spinning control how the effect continues after the second keyframe.

          Second Solution

          Split the layer.


          1. Go to Edit>Split Layer (Ctrl/Cmnd + Shift + D)
          2. Add your effect to the second half of the clip.
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            T.R.ANT Level 1

            Hi Rick,

            Thanks for the very speedy reply.

            The first solution works perfectly - your right in that I missed the rotation value being set to zero; I thought I had tried all appropriate combinations but obviously not. I still think is a little clumsy and would have assumed a more efficient way to implement but it works (and stopped me from uninstalling the software while in a rant ... smile).

            I could not get the second solution to work. When I apply the effect to the split layer the screen goes black at the split point - it's almost as if the effect took place at the start of the clip layer - ie when viewing the other layer - and then at the split point the effect is over and so there is nothing to see. Not sure if that makes sense but hope so.

            Thanks again for the reply and I'm off to play with all sorts of settings.



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              Lost In My Mind Level 1


              I couldn't get the Ctrl + D method to work either (I'm the one working with the 'shatter effect'). No matter where I put the clip in the timeline, it took effect at the beginning of the timeline, so where I was hoping to have the effect.........nothing but black. And yes, I feel it is a very 'clumsy' program as well. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the people who really use and understand it.

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                T.R.ANT Level 1

                Hi there Lost,

                Kinda nice to know I'm not alone in my confusion ... smile.

                I agree with your comment about the AE masters; must have put some time in though.

                I'm not a PC novice - been building machines for years even during the days of Windows 95 (that was fun with no CD-ROM install out of the box as opposed to more recent Windows releases) and I'm considered a power user for Windows Office suite and products such as SAP R3. Even so, I find AE one of the least intuitive packages out there - maybe I'm just getting old.

                Back to the specific challenge - I find it surprising to say the least that something like the ability to easily add an effect to the end of a clip is proving elusive. There must be endless instances where someone wanted to have a final impressive impact as a clip finishes.

                Still, I'll keep trying as at least for now the software uninstall option is on hold.