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    Any chance of going back to AP to read ebooks?


      I really, really, really hate ADE.


      And I hate being forced to use it to view secure ebooks.


      On my 4-yr old Mac laptop (running OS 10.4.11) I'm forced to use ADE 1.7.1 instead of Acrobat Professional to view ebooks. I started reading ebooks last year and loved it. I viewed ebooks in Acrobat Professional 7.0 and experienced no problems. Moving from page to page was simple and easy. I set AP7 to reopen the ebook at the last page viewed. I felt encouraged to purchase more ebooks. Which I did.


      And then the forced switchover began.


      Every 15 or so pages, I have to quit out of ADE because it freezes. And I have to keep a separate text file listing books and the page number last viewed.


      ADE imports my ebooks library and changes their file dates, and removes the color coding I've given the files.


      I have greatly cut down on the number of ebooks I am purchasing. Luckily the bulk of my 300+ ebooks library can still be read in AP7. I am going back to print.


      Why was the choice taken away from us?


      Why can't I go back to viewing ebooks in AP?


      Please stop the forced usage of ADE.