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    "Edit in Photoshop" not working...


      First, let me say that I have read many previous posts about this problem.  It seems that no one really knows why this is happening or how to fix it.  I am offering my experience in case it might help.  I am using Lightroom 64-bit, ver. 2.4, and PS CS3 ver. 10.0.1.  Camera Raw is ver. 4.6.  The OS is Vista Home Premium 64-bit.  And yes, I have scripting support ver. 10.0.1 and there are no odd diacritical marks in the path to my image files, nor are the files on an external drive.  I am working with JPG files.  In LR, if I select "edit in Adobe Photoshop CS3" and choose "edit a copy with Lightroom adjustments," PS launches but no file appears.  LR displays the error "the file could not be edited because Adobe Photoshop CS3 could not be launched."  But, if I select "edit a copy," the file opens succesfully in PS.


      I have added the PS CS3 executable file as as additional external editor under LR Preferences/External Editing.  That workaround works and allows PS to open a file with LR adjustments, though it is slow.


      Does this info help in getting us closer to any solution to this issue?  Are we still waiting and hoping for Adobe to release a fix?  Or has this been solved and I have missed the solution?  I would be grateful for any advice.  Thanks.