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    opening large cs3 project in cs4


      i am attempting to open cs3 project in cs4. i have opened and imported. with both i get an error message.


      error.... audioRender/AudioRenderContentConstructor.opp-110


      i cannot find this one on the net.


      can anyone explain? any hints on how to import?




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          Kona Bob Level 2

          I have no idea what sort of problem the error message refers to. It implies something funky with the audio content in the CS3 project

          The single time I imported a half finished CS3 project into CS4:

          I opened a new project in CS4

          Right click in the project window> import> select the CS3 project file

          CS3 project file appears in the Project window

          I double clicked it and it opened right up. Finished the edit in CS4 & output to delivery format with Export> Media> to AME

          Audio in this project was standard 48k stereo tracks.