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    Looking for a Technical Advisor


      Hey Everyone,


      I’m working on a startup www.tournami.com . I currently have a clickable prototype made in Flex but it’s far from fully functional / scalable. I’m looking for a technical director or advisor that could help advise me on outsourcing the programming (as I do not have a programming background). Resources and capital is of course a huge priority for me, hence I need to have a person on my side that understands quality of work/vs. price etc.


      Anybody interested please give me a shout!



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          Just as a piece of advice, you should really list the following:

          • What your business's technical requirements/functional requirements are
          • What compensation you are offering
          • What your technical advisor should have in the way of curriculum vitae
          • Complete contact information (including email, location, and


          Without any of that it would be hard offer any advice/suggestions/help.

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            Tournami Level 1

            Thanks for the advice.


            With regards to the Tech Requirements,  I've heard it varies from multiple documents (TSD, RFP, FSD, etc, etc.).  I'm not sure if this what you're really asking for (as I'm not a tech guy).  I do have a prototype on the server and would be glad to show you my needs over the phone.


            The compensaton would depend on the scope of work agreed to.  I would pay cash but if the person is really interested in the project and wants to be a part founder equity would be ideal.


            In terms of an actual CV, I wouldn't create one in too much detail as I'm not technical.  I was actually planning for one of the responisibilites of the advisor to help me write a CV for outsourcing based on my technical needs.  So how would I qualify the advisor?  I'm still working on that!


            Contact info is as follows:


            Mike Basca

            119 Rockland Center

            Suite 285

            Nanuet, NY 10594


            email: mike@tournami.com

            phone: (845) 664-5825


            Any more advice that would help my situation would be appreciated!