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    What is the best way to auto-generate pages at an interval?

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      In order to minimize the server's workload we're exploring ways of auto-
      generating pages that have dynamic content throughout our website.

      I know we could use CFSCHEDULE and have it make an HTTPRequest as its
      operation to read the dynamic page then use output to write the resultant
      page. However, if an error occurs during the request, the result is can be a
      blank file.

      So would it be a better approach to use CFSCHEDULE to run a page that would
      have the error checking using CFTRY and CFCatch, and as a result, have a
      go/no-go in terms of overwriting the previous successful version of the file
      via cffile?

      Does anyone have an example of such a system that would keep me from re-
      inventing the wheel?

      Thanks for your help,

      Michael Brown
      Texas Department on Aging and Disability Services