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    ADE & PRS700

    Umed Annaniaz

      Hello ladis and gents,


      I have a cust who has ADE and it does not see his attached PRS700 reader; he bought 2 ebooks from Waterstones which he transferred manually but the ebooks won't open. He gets the message 'Protected Page'.


      I came across two suggestions at the adobe forums while troubleshooing the case and I posted them to the cust:


      "The adobe titles receiving this error should work when the other titles are removed from the reader. (You can apparently leave them in either ADE or the Sony library.) They recomend removing everything from the reader (you can keep it in ADE) and then loading the content you want back."


      "...if you add more titles of the same type you can read one of that type, but not the other type. I added two more books one of each type (EPUB and PDF) and then the one I was reading (EPUB) got the protected page error, but all others work."


      The cust wrote back that he removed all books and copied back just 1 epub book onto the reader, but he still gets the message 'Protected Page'


      Operating System: Mac OS X (v10.3)
      Browser: Safari


      Any guidence towards a solution is appriciated


      much thanx