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    Transfer of license, activation, registration, etc.

    lewist57 Level 1

      Sorry if this is the millionth posting on the topic, but here we go.


      Purchased Master Suite CS3 used.  The previous owner deactivated and uninstalled the suite prior to sale.  I have (apparently) installed, activated and registered the software.  It allowed over 500M of updates to be downloaded and installed.  The activation menu pick under HELP for the programs is grayed out.  However, when I go to my account for Adobe, it is not listed as a registered product (which they might not do for used software).  So here are my questions:


      1) If Adobe software is properly deactivated and uninstalled, then reinstalled activated and registered, is there still a need to complete the Adobe license transfer form and wait 4 - 6 weeks for the license transfer?

      2) How can the end user tell that the software is both properly activated and registered?

      3) Assuming that my software is properly activated and registered, and will do updates, I do no desire any further support from Adobe (it is their previous generation product).  What does the license transfer gain the end user?

      4) If the software is purchased used, will it be listed under the software for my account with Adobe?


      I have no problems with the Adobe software registeration and activation process, just trying to come up to speed on how it works, as compared to other major software vendors.  Thanks in advance for your input.


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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you never activated the software and were not asked to activate it on install then someone illegally gave/sold you a disk for a multiuser license. All single user licenses for CS3 require activation. Alas, you have been snookered. It is the person that sold you the software that was supposed to fill in the transer of ownership form not the buyer. I'd recommend contacting Adobe Customer Service to see if you can legally use the software.

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            lewist57 Level 1

            Actually, I disagree that I have been "snookered".  After posting the original inquiry, I talked at length with a very knowledgeable and helpful Adobe customer service rep (can't believe any software company is providing this service, certainly not Autodesk).  Basically, for $150, I have purchased genuine Adobe software, properly activated it, and have received multiple updates.  The only thing I am missing by not transferring the license is official help from Adobe.  In 2009, I think that if I was running Adobe that I would not provide users anything beyond e-mail help after the first 90 days, and nothing after the first year.  As such, I do not expect Adobe to provide technical help ad infinitum to me and anyone else who might use the software after the original buyer.


            Therefore,  I have purchased legal software for a fraction of the original cost, properly activated it, and Adobe is providing updates for free, and I am happy.  Technical help? That's what the forums are for.