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    images not appearing in output

      I originally created the help in RH5 but upgraded it to RH7. For both I have used Webhelp on Windows XP.

      In RH and when selecting to View Result after compiling, the images appeared fine. However, when I moved the files onto our web server, lots of images dropped out.

      I originally used GIF images and had no problems until now. The last time I compiled the output, most of the images wouldn't display. I tried other formats (PNG, JPG, and BMP) mixing them up until one would display and eventually I got all of them to display.

      However, when someone else opens the help on their computer, about half of the images do not display. Most of the non displaying images are JPG but a couple GIFs also don't appear.

      The relative paths to the images are fine and I've cleared the cache with no affect.

      Thanks in advance for your help.