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    Pastboard colour change

    salochin48 Level 1

      Mac G5 OSX CS4 - how do you change the new grey colour of the pasteboard to white.

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          Jesseham Level 4

          I'm still in CS3, and it sounds like it might be different if it's just your pasteboard that's grey, but here, under document setup, there's a dropdown that starts at "artboard" - click in there and go down to "transparency" and there, check the "simulate colored paper" box and set your color using the upper box.

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            salochin48 Level 1

            This does not appear to be the same in CS4, the Document Setup as gone through a radical change.

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              PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

              I think there may be a reason Adobe left the pastboard this tint. Because of the new multi artboard function. But I have found if you turn on Overprint   preview (View>Overprint Preview, or Command + Option + Shift + Y) the gray goes away. I hope this helps. I don't know exactly why you want the pastboard to be as white as the artboard, perhaps because this is the way you're used to seeing it in previous versions.

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                Judy_Arndt Level 3

                A search of the AICS4 Help PDF shows that the pasteboard is now officially called the “canvas”.

                If working with overprint preview turned on slows you down, here’s another possible workaround for a white canvas. Since CS4 artboards can overlap each other, you could create a new artboard to cover your gray canvas. To do this, zoom way out. With the Artboard Tool, draw a large artboard covering the area of the canvas you wish to be white.

                One drawback of this method is that artboards are numbered in sequence of creation and cannot be automatically renumbered. Keep this in mind when you try to print or export a range of artboards.

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                  salochin48 Level 1

                  Thanks PrepressPro1, this will sort my problem. I find the 'canvas' in grey no problem to work with - this is just a one off problem - see below.


                  Judy_Arndt, thanks also for your reply but this is for visualisation purposes only and PrepressPro1 will do want I want more easily. This is to show a client a grey paged visual, I normally show visuals as a PDF but this needs to be shown as an Illustrator file.