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    Motion Tweening error?


      I'm getting the following error: Motion tweening will not occur on layers with ungrouped shapes or on layers with more than one group or symbol


      I don't have any ungrouped shapes (it's all text), each layer has 5 instances of only one symbol (keyframes), no objects are grouped and text is all static text.


      When watching the animation, the first word (web) looks fine, on the second word (design) the tween fails on the last couple of frames of that clip (the blur filter disappears), the third word (and) is OK, and on the forth word (development) the blur filter is not applied to the last 16 frames of that clip.


      I broke each animation into its own MC thinking that was causing the issue, but that didn't fix anything.


      This is very weird and I can't figure out what is causing the issue.


      The forum kept reporting"The content type of this attachment is not allowed." when trying to attach so I loaded it here (it's only 1mb): http://www.nezumidesign.com/home.fla


      I'm using flash CS3 and AS 2.0


      Thanks in advance,