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    LoadMovieNum question

    mentlity Level 1

      I have a home.swf that is inside home.html



      inside home.swf there is a btn with the following


      cinema_btn.onRelease = function() {
      loadMovieNum("video_main.swf", 0);


      inside video_main.swf  is the following




      the idea is to load reels.swf in level1 on top of video_main.swf in level 0


      Any idea why reels.swf size looks much larger even though all swf's are 900 x 800?


      I did try the following.


      removing the  loadMovieNum("video1/reels.swf",1); from video_main.swf


      and re loading without adding swf to level1


      and the result is video_main is the same size as home.swf (so level 0 is fine)


      then I switched loadMovieNum("video1/reels.swf",1); to another swf.("video2/rbkrenn.swf",1)


      result is this swf  appears larger in level 1 as well.


      below is the url any help