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    Import XML in all pages automatically



         I am new to Adobe Indesign JavaScript. Can i import XML in all pages automatically. It should add new pages when it is required.When textframe overflows it should automatically override the remaining text in subsequent pages.we can manually drag and drop the + symbol in next page.But i don't know how to use the same in Indesign JavaScript.


      Awaiting for ur reply.

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          If you know in what text frame the XML loads, each TextFrame has a property 'overflows' -- "If true, the TextFrame has overset text."


          I also found "XmlStory.overflows" ("If true, the XmlStory has overset text."), which might work as well, and "Story.overflows". I think you can simply find which text frame is displayed as the last one (the one with the red plus), by using their textContainers property: "Array of text frames or text paths" (those containing the story/xml story). XmlStory.textContainers[XmlStory.textContainers.length-1] will refer to the last text frame that is visible.


          Personally never used these, but it might help you get started.