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    Please help. New CS 4 error: can't move the objects. the requested transformation would make some objects fall completely off the drawing area.


      I know this is not a "new" error message, but I have never gotten it on any previous version of Illustrator. I just upgraded to CS 4 and now get it on virtually every file when I try to nudge an object in any direction. Not that it should matter, but these are files that were created in earlier versions of Illustrator and I never had this problem. I have followed instructions from similar posts to no avail. I have zoomed way out to the edge of the art board: there are no hidden layers, objects, or guidelines, no lingering points from erased guidelines, or objects of any sort anywhere near the edge of the art board (which, I know, is enormous compared to the size of my working 11 x 17 document.)


      What am I missing?


      Also, on occasion, when I CAN nudge an object (usually a JPG or PDF image that I placed in the document), the image just disappears. I think it is still "there" though I cannot see it. Any suggestions?