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    Comparatio Flex Framework

    Jan Poehland Level 1

      I just wanted to let the forum know about a new Flex framework that is available at www.comparatio.com

      The main focus is the development of business applications with access to multiple databases and super-lightweight server back-end with almost zero configuration.


      Here are some of the primary specs:



      • No back-end development for new projects. The server is always the same. Server runs under Windows but PHP version available as well.
      • Server handles multiple connections to all kinds of databases at the same time (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Sqlite and others)
      • Server has a very small footprint and literally requires no configuration besides the connection to databases
      • Communication between server and Flex client is compressed and encrypted and not accepted otherwise
      • Server filters SQL queries to prevent SQL injection attacks

      Flex Client:

      • Applications are based on templates for menus, forms and data lists - the design is preset and each new applications looks professionally designed without having to go through a separate design process
      • The basic structure of lists and forms is always the same and buttons are always in the same place (e.g. Save button in forms is always in top left corner) to create a consistent user experience
      • Data lists have all controls to handle search, sort, pagination and totals
      • Forms have capability to handle and show 1:1 relations (editable) and dependencies (1:N relations)
      • Integrated bridge to access hardware like barcode scanners directly from within Flex without installation


      The system is Open Source and free for personal use. Download the entire package at www.comparatio.com