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    Goodbye Premiere


      I am very sad...

      I have been using Premiere since v5.0 and I have always considered it as the greatest video editing software there is on the market. Until recently I used PPro2.0 and I was happy with it. Since I entered the HD-era (using HDV tape), I had to upgrade to CS4: big dissapointment. I have frequent program crashes and hangs, projects with a lot of assets takes ages to load, the encoding speed of the AME is horrible (up to 15x the media duration), there does not seem to be any smart rendering etc.

      My system specs are well above the minimum requirements and I always take care that my system is as clean as possible before working with CS4.

      My frustration about CS4 has come to a level that I am about to decide to turn my back to it. I have tested some other programs and found out that they have pretty much closed the gap in sophistication that there used between between Premiere and the others.

      Adobe, where have things gone wrong when you developed CS4???