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    Troubleshooting RoboHelp - General tips

    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional


      This post will contain general troubleshooting tips and best practices to help avoid trouble.


      Bear with us while we add to this starter list. Items will be added as we think of them and not necessarily in order of importance.


      Please feel free to email RoboWizard or Peter Grainge via their web sites with suggestions.


      Is RoboHelp 8 officially acknowledged to work with Windows 7?

      Yes! On December 18, 2009 Ankur Jain - Product Manager - RoboHelp made an announcement via the Adobe Technical Communications Blog.


      Click here to view the blog post.



      Converting from RoboHelp for Word to RoboHelp HTML

      Marjoriem created this useful post. Click here.

      You can also view it in PDF format from Snippet 117 on my site. Click here.



      I just installed RoboHelp 8 and it's running slow

      Where is your project when you are working on it? If it is on a network drive, close RoboHelp and move the project to the local C drive. If RoboHelp still seems to operate slowly after you do this, click here and pay attention to item number 7.




      The Troubleshooting Guide has links to the troubleshooting tips for the other RoboHelp forum categories.