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    Cannot uninstall Reader 9


      I am one of the few people in my company with an Acrobat Professional for Windows license. I need this license to do my job as a tech writer. I am lucky to have this license. We have a freeze on software purchases and upgrades. The only reason I have this license is because the previous user got laid off.


      Meanwhile, our desktop support group periodically runs scripts that push various updates, including Reader 9, upon connecting to the network. This hoses up my Acrobat Professional 8 installation every bloody time. I have tried and tried, but I cannot convince these people to change their scripts to check for other versions of Acrobat.


      I am unable to completely uninstall Reader 9. It reappears in the Add or Remove Programs dialog box after I reboot.


      I need a procedure to manually remove Reader 9 from Windows XP.