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    export as jpg problem


      I have some serif type from which I've created outlines. I'm saving this doc as a pdf and also exporting it as a jpg so others can place it in different types of documents. I want to make a second version of the graphic by reversing the type onto a dark bkgrd. The pdf looks and prints fine but in the jpg the type doesn't appear. (All the nonserif as well as italic serif type has no problem). So I thought I'd put a white stroke around the problem bit of type. The white stroke appears in the jpg but it looks as if it's a white stroke around dark type, instead of a white stroke around white type, which is how it appears in Illustrator and Acrobat, and prints out as such. But once it goes to jpg, this problem occurs. I messed with the "knockout group" control in the transparency palette but didn't help. It's really got me stumped. Can anyone help?