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    Change font color on text that has a text popup.


      I have text in a table where I changed the text to "white".  It appears that when I add a text popup, I cannot change the color even thought it appears to have changed.  It appears white and also when I view the page it appears white.  However when I publish the project, the text is showing a different color.  Why is it doing that and how to I correct it?  Thanks.


      Edit Screen print - text shows white in the green table.


      Font Edit screen print.JPG


      The view screen shows the text as white in the dark green box



      Font View screen print.JPG


      When published, the text turns a dark blue>



      Font Published screen.JPG


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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          I assume you created a text-only popup. When you did, Robohelp gives the hyperlink for the popup the class popupspot. In your CSS, add the following style:


          a.popupspot { color: #FFF !important ;}


          This will color all the popupspots white. When you only want to color this specific popupspot, add to this code to the head of your topic (before the </head> tag):



          a.popupspot { color: #FFF !important ;}



          Don't forget the !important statement to overwrite the standard RoboHelp style.