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    Best deployment practices?


      I've been working with LiveCycle about 4 weeks and now I'm so wondering what the best practices for deployment are.


      Normally, in any software development efforts, there are three different environments (Dev - Test - Production) or two (Dev - Production) at least. And each environment has configurations so the software runs smoothly within the environment it runs on.


      For example, communications between other machines (web services, database connections, etc...) are highly configurable because each environment has its own set of copies to isolate one environment from another. Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to achieve this with LiveCycle.


      Say I have a process that's fully tested under development environment and want to promote it to test environment. How can I change the database connections or web services connections for test environment? And say, I have a fully functioning PDF (including web services calls in development environment) in development environment and want to promote it to test environment. How can I promote it to the next environment easily (not by modifying the PDF to interact with test environment web services)? The only way I've learned is to modify the PDF to talk to the other machines in test environment which is not feasible if you have to handle a few hundreds of PDF files and each one has tens of web services calls - Well, even if it's only one file, it shouldn't have to be this way.


      I think this is very very common scenario but I haven't found any documents or help about this. And it seems that LiveCycle is not designed to cover this common development scenario.


      Maybe I'm struggling because I do not know LiveCycle very well. But still it shouldn't be hard to figure this out.


      So, what is the best deployment practices in LiveCycle?

      Any comments or workarounds are highly appreciated.