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    obj.x/y + mouseDown + enterFrame == Differences

    the S.

      I am programming a multiplayer browsergame where the player charakter has a fixed position in the center of the viewable background "map"...


      The background tweens when the mouse is pressed (and hold down), OR it can tween when using to click a position on a overview of the background map.


      Now the problem:


      Under this conditions i discovered that the tween runs in different speeds regarding to the direction of the movement,

      so for example a tweening distance of 1500 px, with a fixed speed of 1000 px /MINUTE should run regardless to the direction

      preccis 90 seconds... indeed it runs 88.xx seconds to the one direction and something between 94.xx and 96.xx seconds in the other dirction which is a difference of somehow 10% regarding to the dircetion.


      This only happens if the current position is calculated in a enterFrame event while the mouseButton is pressed, if i directly join in the valid value for duration and final position the tween runs its 90 seconds and everything is ok.


      To have a look of what iam talking about i made an example (which uses tweenLite)...


      i Uploaded the exmple to here...

      http://www.file-upload.net/download-1792795/TweenLiteDifferenceExample_fixed-rate_exp_all_ fixed.rar.html


      i would have preffered to upload as attachment but i only got errors when trying to use the attachment (conten type filtered) on a rar and on a fla file also!


      In the .fla you will find a Variable called tweenRunTime... set this to 0 and you will exclude interpolation from the tweenenginge and run it just to do one stepOnly... set it to anything higher than 4 so eachh 4th enterFrame will call the tweenengine and the difference reduces from 10% to only 1%.


      btw the example only tweens from left to right or right to left , regarding the cursorposition relativly to the center...




      may someone can tell me if this is a flash bug or if i did something wrong... because i am trying to fix this difference now for about 3 weeks and somehow i dont believe anymore in a mistake by me:)