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    [JS CS3] BridgeTalk : bt.body = x.toSource() vs a bt.body = a String

    Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional


      I found a script on this page



      The author uses this line :

      bt.body = toInDesign.toSource()+"("+contents.toSource()+","+gb.toSource()+","+kumi.toSource()+");";

      I tried to use this syntax and my script didn't produce any result.

      I found another approach based on an old Harbs's post. The syntax is like :
      theScript = "...";
      theScript += "...";
      bt.body = theScript;
      And it runs well.

      However, as I don't like to saty ignorant, what is the reason of the toSource() error ?

      Thanks in advance for explanation.