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    Choppy video and Audio "blip" in transition between slides

    M Thenardier Level 1

      A couple week ago I received an excellent solution from Captiv8r for eliminating the multiple FM swf files created when I published. Since I was trying to embed a single swf in a PPT via Presenter, the solution was perfect.


      Now when I view the pubslished single "swf" file I am seeing a pronounced "video "jump" at the same time as an audio "blip" when the swf transtions between slides. it is as though a very sloppy edit was made to a VHS video tape. The rough part comes precisely at the point where the slide (containing what I will call "full motion swf A" inserted as an animation and the associated audio clip for that full motion recording end, and the next slide, with its full motion swf (likewise inserted as an animation) and audio clip begin.


      I am using Captivate 3. The rough cut and "blip" issue did not appear when viewing the original .cp file in preview, or even when published. Although there is a less noticable "jump" in the video, I would count myself lucky if I could just eliminate the audio 'blip."


      Is there a way to clean up the problem, or is this glitch intrinsic to slides containing inserted audio clips and animations made from swfs?


      thank you so much!