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    I need help with exporting 720p video for youtube.


      Hi everyone, I have been using Adobe premeir for almost a year now and I love it, as its very professional and powerful. I used to edit Standard with no problem, then export the full unconverted file (wmv) and run it though Windows Movie Maker to compress it (haha yeah I know its crazy.) Now that I got a camera capable of shooting HDV I want to use it. Im just wondering the following:


      1.What format should I export with in Adobe Media Encoder? (Original Raw footage files from Camera are MOV formatted)

      2.What should I set the Bitrate to?

      3.How do I export to flash without it being to large of a file (Under 200mb's for a 5 minute video) and have it not choppy or pixelated?
      4.How do I speed up exporting, how many passes should I do?

      5.What overall is the best setup for youtube?


      I also noticed a small glitch, and its when I export normally (full size, no compression) and run it though a compressor it cuts out all of the titles, and just flashes them for a milisecond. Its really odd. It only happens when I export in a certain format in which I cannot quite remember. Anyways.. thanks in advance for helping me. Its very appreciated.