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    Analyse arraycollection


      Can't seem to figure out quite the best way of doing this one so hoping you can help.


      I use remoteobject to return information from my db. This is then used to populate a datagrid.


      I then have a chart that also runs from a separate ro which provides a summary of what is basically the same data.


      What I think would be better is to be able to analyse the first arraycollection and then use that for the datasource of the chart.


      The ac is a list of jobs that are due in a range. The chart is just a bar chart of the number of jobs due per day. When the user clicks on one of the bars the datagrid is filtered to show only those jobs due on the selected day.


      I was thinking the only way to do this would be to wait for the ac to load and then loop through each item to generate another ac to use as the datasource for the chart.


      Have I got this right or is there an easier /  better way of doing this?


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Madhav Subedi Level 4

          I would do the same as you are doing.


          the other alternative would be getting another report( modified data set ) from server itself, which, i think, wont be the good idea as it would cause the network transportation be heavy.


          if we have all the information needed in the client side, then why to bother another communication from the server?


          however, i am not saying this is absolutely right, its only a suggestion.